Wanderlust Travelogue

Created: 2022-02-27

"Wanderlust Travelogue" is an intricately engineered web application designed to serve as an elegant and user-friendly digital diary of your globe-trotting adventures. The interactive interface, built with React, delivers a seamless user experience, featuring a visually pleasing display of your traveled destinations on a world map. At the heart of this robust platform is AWS Amplify, powering a backend that employs a formidable array of services such as Cognito, DynamoDB, AppSync, and S3Bucket. This potent combination ensures a secure, reliable, and efficient system for preserving your travel tales. The application offers the ability to document each journey with a photograph, date of travel, and even marks out your personal favorites. With "Wanderlust Travelogue", every travel memory is just a click away, serving as your personal and comprehensive chronicle of exploration and adventure.

  • Tech: AWS Amplify, React, Cognito, DynamoDB, AppSync, S3Bucket, Styled Components, Material-UI, Jest & React Testing Library