Recipe Repository

Created: 2022-01-15

"Recipe Repository" is your go-to digital cookbook where food lovers unite to share and savor an array of scrumptious recipes. It's a culinary playground where you can strut your kitchen prowess by contributing your own delicious creations, and embark on gastronomic adventures by sampling recipes from fellow food enthusiasts! Whipped up with Vite/React on the frontend, this app promises a buttery-smooth, easy-peasy user experience. The backend, powered by AWS Amplify and a smorgasbord of services like DynamoDB, AppSync, Cognito, and S3 Bucket, is the secret sauce that ensures everything runs as smooth as a perfectly whisked custard. So, whether you're a home cook whipping up mid-week dinners or a seasoned chef concocting culinary masterpieces, "Recipe Repository" is your ticket to a world of flavors!

  • Tech: AWS Amplify, React, Cognito, DynamoDB, AppSync, S3Bucket, Styled Components, Tailwind, React Hook Form, Jest & React Testing Library